My pregnancy part 3.

So, after Christmas I started getting heavy. And I started getting some pain. Some nerves got stuck in my lower back so I couldn’t walk for some days, but it disappeared. Luckily!
We did some trips at the beginning of the year, a little bit late in pregnancy but had no choice. One was to Berlin for NY to meet Konrad’s family. And one was to the Austrian alps for a wedding. Both trips were exhausting but nice and maybe wasting money on doing nothing, but that’s how it is sometimes. Loved seeing all the people, plus we had an awesome rental car in Austria (which I mainly had to drive)!

Two weeks ago we learned that the baby was lying bum down (breech position) and everything changed.. I had to do a turning in the hospital, which meant that it could lead to an emergency cesarian (as turning a baby from the outside can start labor) or a 50% chance he wouldn’t turn and then that would lead to a planned cesarian.
Gah, I was nervous and was on sick leave. I had my last day at work 2 weeks ago, which was not expected but looking back probably the best decision. We went in for an ultrasound on the Wednesday and had the turning on the Friday. They hooked me up with some womb relaxing medicine and 6 trails and 2 doctors later he was turned. He is already the most stubborn baby ever..! Luckily it all went well and I had to start thinking of normal birth again. However, as they had to try so hard I was sore as hell, even bruising, this meant I couldn’t walk for almost a week. Thursday this week was the first day I went for a small walk in the forest. And since then it’s gotten better.

Some facts:
We have done parenting classes and a breathing course
I have gained 15 kg
Baby is about 3 kg now
He will be born in March
We bought or got everything we need, big thanks to everyone!!
It still feels like a joke, to have a human being inside my body (literary)
He will be half me half Konrad
I’m changing my last name to Wilkens, giving up Roos
We are so excited and ready and scared

See you soon baby boy!!







My pregnancy part 2.

Alright, let’s move on to the less nice part of my 9 months of having this baby growing inside me.
The happy summer was over and when it was time to go back to work nausea broke loose. I couldn’t eat anything except pasta and bread for 2 months. Felt constantly sick. Threw up every time I ate something with a little bit of taste and it sucked. Was home sick from work 2 times and people started wondering, so finally I told everyone. I’m thankful to work for a company that is extremely accepting and everyone has been happy for me since day one!

We did the mid-term ultrasound and it was all good. I forgot to tell you we also did the early ultrasound in week 12, to check for problems and to see what was going on. I really wanted to do the early one as I’m sure I would have regret it otherwise. The baby didn’t have any abnormalities, 😃. It’s such a big discussion on wether to do this early one or not, I have the opinion that everyone has to be prepared for anything with birth and if it helps you through this or you can take a decision later then that’s fine. If I can know early the more relaxed/prepared I can be. And it was also so nice to see the baby for the first time, it feels like you could just be tricked on the whole pregnancy thing, seeing this little thing inside you really makes you emotional. Konrad loved it too!
And on the second ultrasound we found out we will have a son.

Anyways, the whole autumn was pretty sucky. First closer to Christmas I started feeling better again and started gaining weight properly! Being able to eat everything again was heaven!! Baby boy was growing well at every check I had, he also started
kicking a lot.

In the middle of everything I turned 30 and we had some celebrations! And after that I think everyone close in my life knew!

Work took a lot of energy, it was basically all I could handle. I do have long days as I commute too. But in one way it was good to keep busy.

We also had kittens born in September, cutest kittens in the whole world. So small! I was super emotional too. Then we sold one a couple of months later and I cried my eyes out. Luckily the other one is still with us and he is lying on the chest as I write this!

Ok, cravings. Everyone asks me about cravings. It really hasn’t been bad. I’ve been drinking a lot of juice and “nyponsoppa”. And eaten a lot of oranges. Food wise I’ve been wanting basic food, stuff you ate when you were a kid.
I haven’t eaten a lot of meat or chocolate, weirdly. Lately Konrad’s been making lots of heavy salads which is really good as they contain iron. And they’re tasty!!

Will write the final part today or tmr.






My pregnancy part 1.

Hey, it’s been a while and I really wanted to write down my pregnancy story before it’s over. When this baby is born I think I will have already forgotten all the charm of having something growing inside me for 9 months.

So, somewhere during the hottest part of the summer my period was 5 days late and we started experience some comments from me like “the bins smell” etc. Konrad looked up signs of pregnancy and we could check them all off. So we bought a pregnancy test. And got stage fright, couldn’t pee on it. When I finally did it was the longest 5 min wait ever. And Konrad stole the stick. And sure, it was positive. We were lucky, super fertile and were just laughing out load. We were going to be parents.

Then to the tricky part, 3 months of not telling everyone. We did tell both our parents straight ahead and had to say no to some parties (as everyone would have known straight ahead). Everyone who came to visit we also had to tell.. Hey virgin mojitos!!

The whole summer was awesome, I felt just like normal. We had some visits, we did some trips, Norway winning all categories!




So during my first 3 months of pregnancy my life continued and it was a great summer!!
When I was going back to work I was in week 11 or so and that’s when I started feeling worse, nausea from hell broke loose. More about that in next part.


International women’s day.

I thought I was going to write something about equality and feminism as it’s everything people talk about in Sweden at the moment. I’m an engineer and work in a company which normally has a fairly equal group of people but in my specific case they don’t (we are the engineering company, as one part of the whole). I work with only men and only few time in my life did I actually have a female manager. I’m constantly fighting for being a women and living an equal life and some people might say that Sweden is far, but from my own perspective we are far off, never be happy until it’s actually equal. I don’t believe an international women’s day should even exist, in my dream world it shouldn’t even be needed. And it’s fine working with only men, but I really miss the company of a women sometimes, where I don’t heave to speak hunting/forestry in the lunch room every single day.
When I grew up I always wanted to be a boy, it sucked being a girl, only having brothers a boy friends. I always lost in every competition, people always made fun of me and it was possible to do anything with me, as I was an extremely little girl with little strengths in comparison. I always wanted to be a boy cause I wanted equality, not being old enough to understand that being a boy is not going to solve this issue.
I would never state myself of being a true feminism, as I have the wrong picture of what type of person this is. Don’t get me wrong, I am a feminist in the sense that I fight for equality, I just would prefer to call it equality. And I think it’s every single persons choice to decide what they want to do with their life’s, me fighting everyday to have a more equal workplace for engineers and being a good role model for next generations, some being home with their children. It’s a choice we all make. However if we don’t do anything about it, if all we women do is to complain about the situation, then I can tell you that nothing will happen. If we don’t fight at work, getting women into boards and executive management, if we don’t fight at home about sharing everything equal then NOTHING is going to happen. Cause if we are not their for next generation of girls/women, to make it easier for them to relate and feel included and showing them that truly equal is possible, then again nothing is going to happen. If we continue in the footsteps of the women before us (who of course did a fantastic job for women in general) there wont be a change. So, protest and be angry if you want to, but I don’t believe it’s the only solution, I think we need to step out of our comfort zone, showing the world what a strong women can bring to the table, by doing. Not talking. Not writing. By doing.
That’s my opinion. Now I’m of to our renovation object on the country side were we are putting in an old brick floor today. And to end this, here is a saying which I think is very clever!

Take care! Xo

Friday night.

I have so many feelings within, I’m learning so much about myself and I’m so ready to develop and be that really good person that pushes the best out of others and motivates them to make a difference. My motivation is their motivation. I want to give so much more but some people say I already give to much.
On the train on my way home now, after a girls night with pizza and wine. Love discussing with these girls and we are all very alike. Such a good feeling to not be alone in thoughts.
Love from me!

Ps. Look at this and reflect!



Sometimes I wonder, what is the meaning of life. I wonder what’s the point. Why does it matter.
But things matters and this is one reason why we are moving out into nature. That’s where I have to be for my life to make sense. I’m so sick of cities, of consumerism, of people who don’t care and give up. I’m even a bit sick of fashion and reading blogs with girls in new clothes every day. We don’t need new clothes every day, we need shelter, water, vegetables and family. That’s it. And with all the competence in the world we still don’t act. For the environment, for the future of animals and nature. I read about people who take it to the extreme, living with no bank account and no money. I get jealous. My biggest dream is to be self sustainable and travel around the world taking every day as it comes. I also met a guy once, who started his bike ride in Paris and when we met him in KL he wasn’t finished. I also wished I had patience. To feel like most people on this planet, satisfied. Or maybe they are not satisfied but at least they seem like they are happy where they are.
My biggest problem is that I also want a career, because I want to keep working for a better world. And if you don’t do that you are not a good role model.
I cannot wait to fix up thus little house we bought, by using mainly stuff that’s there already or second hand. One thing I’m buying new is a bathtub, because I love it! And look at those new posters, aren’t they beautiful. We bought them for 3 dollars each at the national history museum in London.

Take care. Xo